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Monodose Tensilift
Code: K

Fast-absorption and easy-to-apply water-serum with a high concentration of active ingredients. Treatment to address the most delicate areas affected by expression wrinkles, as eye and lips contour.

Size: 4 ml. 
Main features

Its formula with an hexapeptide active ingredient exerts an action similar to botulinum toxin, inhibits the contraction of facial muscles responsible for the expression wrinkles.

How it works

The hexapeptide sends stimuli that block muscular contractions, inhibiting facial muscles repetitive movements, which, in the long term, cause and accentuate wrinkles. The active´s gradual release decreases the number and average depth of wrinkles in the treated areas.

When to use

In the integrating phase of the INTENSIVE TREATMENT (LEVEL III) LACK OF FIRMNESS AND/OR DENSITY KEENWELL for skin with structural flaccidity with loss of facial oval contour, deep dehydration (impoverishment of essential fats), circulatory alterations and low oxygenation. Low estrogenic activity, with loss of dermal density. Skin background with irregular color.

How to use?

For professional use. Apply the content of the ampoule, on face, neck and décolleté, until its complete absorption.


Extraordinary decrease of expression wrinkles, caused by muscle contractions. Important increase of dermal density for a more relaxed and compact skin appearance. Perfectly prepared skin to receive the benefits of the rest of the products of the INTENSIVE TREATMENT (LEVEL III) LACK OF FIRMNESS AND/OR DENSITY  KEENWELL.

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