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Code: K5607002

Long performance multidirectional wax, with excellent plasticity and very low melting point for facial and / or body salon waxing. Suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate. Recommended for hair removal in sensitive areas such as underarms, groin or face, or during the summer months, when the skin is more sensitive.

Size: 1.000 gr.
Main features

Its formula with a superior blend high quality resins, natural waxes and protective and emollients ingredients, such as Shea butter and titanium dioxide, moisturizes and cares for the skin and provides extra comfort and softness.

How it works

Its ultra-soft texture, wide extensibility and maximum plasticity allow a multidirectional application, even in large areas, such as whole legs, and guarantee perfect adherence to facilitate the pulling out of hair by the root, even of most stubborn hairs, for much less traumatic, more effective and long lasting hair removal, in less time.

When to use

Para Professional use. After cleaning with Pre-Depil Gel proceed to professional hair removal with Debipil Multidirectional Long Performance Depilatory Wax Multiway Wax.

How to use?

Heat the wax in the wax warmer for 20-25 minutes at 60ºC. Once melted, lower the heat and let it set for a few minutes until it achieves a paste-like texture.  Before applying, test a small amount of the wax on the inside of the wrist to make sure that the application temperature is correct (warm and pleasant). Apply in a thin layer with the spatula and in the direction of hair growth, leaving an adequate thickness at the edges to manipulate the product and prevent it from breaking. As soon as the wax is no longer moist, pull away with a fast movement from the hairline against the direction of growth, as parallel as possible to the skin , to achieve greater efficiency.  It allows applications of the entire length of the leg.



Heat exclusively in wax warmer.
Test the temperature of the wax before applying on skin.
Do not apply on damaged skin.
Apply with a wooden or plastic spatula (not metallic).
Do not sunbathe after waxing.


Thanks to its multidirectional application, it can be applied in large or difficult areas to noticeably reduce depilation time. It respects skin physiology and easily removes hair, even in the most sensitive areas, without discomfort or irritation and leaves skin extremely silky. A less traumatic, more effective and longer-lasting hair removal, in less time.

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